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JEB International Tobacco Company is a private, international tobacco services company helping the world’s leading manufacturers of tobacco products source their tobacco needs. JEB’s knowledge of various markets around the world and key alliances fostered within the tobacco industry supply chain allow it to offer a variety of value added services to its customers.

JEB specializes in selecting, buying, shipping, processing and storing all tobacco varieties, such as flue-cured, burley, oriental, dark fired and cigar-wrapper, to name a few. In addition, JEB’s suite of buying and receiving services permits its customers to focus on procuring tobacco without the administrative burden and expense of operating buying/receiving stations. Through its vast network of GAP-Certified growers, the company facilitates matching grower capabilities to manufacturer needs and requirements. All of JEB’s receiving stations are CGMP and Organic-Certified,and maintain the very highest standards for sterilization and product safety.

Finally, with its knowledge of the dynamics of the tobacco industry and experience within the industry, JEB has a successful track record of offering creative solutions to its customers not only in procuring the desired styles and quantities of leaf tobacco but also in enhancing the customers’ efficiency and effectiveness. JEB’s principle offices are in Danville, Virginia, USA. JEB’s operating philosophy is to ensure the long term viability of its alliance partners by offering services that are beneficial and fair to its customers and partners. As a result, JEB strictly follows industry standards of ensuring product integrity, good agricultural practices, social responsibility as well as complying with all laws and regulations of the countries in which the company operates.

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